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It is not in very remote past that Metropolis as a secondary school for boys started breathing in a wide community of private schools in Karachi. With all the grace of Almighty Allah, within the 3rd year of its existence, Metropolis emerged as one of the best schools in town for male students due to the toughest disciplinary and academic standards. The remarkable SSC results, exemplary discipline, recognition at national and international level and much more did not take much time in the Academy.

The care, love and devotion with which the ideals of parents are valued in the school earned great communal support for Metropolis. This resulted in immense pressure from the parents to extend the services of Metropolis to preprimary students, primary students and female students and to extend the horizons to further areas.

This makes the story goes on. Starting with a single secondary school for boys, Metropolis became a system of schools and colleges over a brief span of time. The first extension was the establishment of our Shadman Town campus which was followed by the establishment of preprimary and primary sections at the Gulberg campus. North Nazimabad campus was the next to follow.

Keeping an Islamic perspective towards the schooling process and sensing the horrifying impact of the print and electronic media, we soon decided to provide a separate learning environment to our female students and two separate campuses were founded in Gulberg and North Nazimabad (Shaki Hasan) in the last two years.

Why to leave our students alone after matriculation?” This was the difficult question posed by the parents which was answered respectfully with the addition of separate boys and girls intermediate colleges in Metropolis Education System. These colleges are trying best to drop our students at the doors of leading professional institutes of the country to make a positive sign in the development and prosperity of our students and, in turn, rendering their share in the development of country.

We are among the very few private schools in the country which have developed a refined in service teachers training programme. This programme is headed by our senior staff members which are expert in the field of education. This programme is an ongoing phenomenon in all the schools and colleges of the system and a continuous teachers’ developmental programme stay in action throughout the year.

As a dynamic system, Metropolis paves for new ways to make learning easy and fruitful. The research and development department of the system is working on early child hood, primary and secondary curriculum. Part of this new curriculum has been developed and brought into action; while, the remaining work will be done in the years to come with the help of Almighty Allah.
From 2001, Curricular Enrichment Scheme has been incorporated as a basic curricular component where students are given an opportunity to enhance their learning with first-hand experiences.
Metropolis Cultural Integration Programme was introduced in 1999. This programme makes the students integrate their cultural learning with their class curriculum.