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  1. Staff Development Center

Each of our school has an its own staff development center where the teachers are provided practical training to facilitate their professional development. However, the central staff development center is located at Gulberg campus with all the resources; including, a well stocked library, computer facilities, instructional media and the like.

  1. Training Programme

Besides the frequent in service teachers training programmes conducted by each school at individual level, the head office conducts a central large scale training programme for the teachers. Expert from across the city are invited to share their expertise with our teachers. This programme is divided in two categories. For the teachers, a general teaching methodologies course and a subject specific training programme is conducted; whereas the senior and head teachers, participate in an school administration programme besides the above two programmes. Apart from these programmes, teachers are benefited from the work of other organizations; like, SPELT, TRC, British Council and Aga Khan Education Services.

  • Research and Development
  • This is the center of all the academic activities in the system. The R & D department is headed by experts in the field of Education who are continuously involved in devising and adapting the curriculum, in designing tests, in running diagnostic clinic, providing action research frameworks to practicing teachers, in writing books and in the standardization of all the academic activities across all the campuses.

  • Technological Resources
  • Instructional resources play a pivotal role in providing fruitful learning. An audio visual room in each campus, a resource room, a vast collection of videos and tapes, a refined selection of software in the form of CDs and state of the art computers are integrated with curriculum and students have an open access to these facilities.

    1. Diagnostic Clinic

    Diagnostic clinic is headed by expert staff members who are expert in the field of testing and measurement. These members are designated in each school from the head office where they continually determine the areas where students need improvement. The areas noted are brought into the notice of such students and their parents and efforts are targeted to make up the same.

  • Metropolis Counselling Service
  • In all the schools, MCS works independently and deals with all the personal problems that might hinder the academic progress of a student. Senior and trained counsellors deal with the study problems of the students with parental support and try to raise the academic performance of students facing any study problem.

  • School Evaluation
  • Head office closely monitors the progress of all the campuses very closely. For this, each campuses is evaluated on monthly basis on our own self set standards which are open to revision with the rapid changes in the educational field around the globe. The research and development department provides training to the evaluators.

  • Library
  • Supplementing and referencing the work done in the classes is one of the prime focuses of education in the system. Hence, due stress is given on the development of libraries. At the present, the library of Gulberg campus presents a wide range of collection of books and journals covering almost all the school subjects and much beyond. A wide collection of CDs is an additional feature of the library. Reading rooms have been provided. Students may freely borrow the books and other resources. Although, libraries are working in other campuses also, but they have to be upgraded on the pattern of our head office library which will be done soon, Inshallah.

  • Laboratories
  • Good laboratories are an inseparable part of any school as these are needed for testification and verification of concepts learnt in physical and biological sciences. Science laboratories in all the campuses have been provided with all state of the art facilities and students have an open access to these facilities. In recent years, we have started a project through which we will provide computer aided demonstrations in all science subjects.

  • Computer facilities
  • Computer is a compulsory subject in all the campuses with its optional status in class IX. Till now, Metropolis has installed more than 150 computers collectively in all campuses which are up graded continuously to keep abreast with the modern technology. Computers in Metropolis are facilitating the teaching of subjects like science, mathematics and art and students are provided means to integrate this vital technological resource with their studies.