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Builds Better Personalities


In Metropolis, we touch the spirits deep down. This is the combination of our modern perspective towards the teaching learning process with our values and traditions that is at the root of all the developmental processes that are adopted for our students. Our Islamic heritage and the fundamental extracted principles are truly reflected in whatever goes in our system. We believe that the Muslims are the actual pioneers of modern education and we greatly borrow from our traditions and values; however, with our progressivism, we keep ourselves open to the rapidly changing world and feel free in upgrading our system by making conscious adaptations.

The System greatly feels its debt towards the society and country. With the motto, “Builds Better Personalities,” the best the system can return is moral, refined and polished personalities that are well equipped with the tools and skills needed not only for their adjustment in the society but also for rendering their utmost contribution in making their society and country an ideal survival place. This is what humans, curriculum, methodologies, instructional media and other resources in Metropolis Education System are working on.