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Curricular Enrichment Scheme
The learning themes are often connected with practical experiences in Metropolis Education System. These practical experiences are provided to the students in terms of outdoor visits / field trips to different places to associate their classroom learning with real life experiences. Under the CES, different visits are arranged for students according to their age group and curricular demands. Competent programme coordinators establish links for the students between classroom learning experiences and these outdoor activities.

Metropolis Cultural Integration Programme
In 1999, Metropolis Cultural Integration Programme (MCIP) was introduced. This programme focuses on introducing the students with their countrymen and with the varied and peculiar culture of different regions of their dear homeland. Willing students from all the campuses join this programme which is usually arranged in the summer vacation and have a fruitful insight into the lives of the people of different cities and provinces. This programme also provides a chance to students to see and appreciate the beauty with which Allah has bestowed their country.
The members of Metropolis Cultural Integration Team are always welcomed by state officials in different parts of the country, including the Governors and Chief Ministers of different provinces. Education departments from different provinces always keenly receive this team and make valuable arrangements to facilitate the aims that this programme focuses at.

Lecturers / visitors
Personalities from different disciplines are invited regularly to the school to speak on a particular topic. Usually, the curriculum serves as the focus. These personalities provide beneficial knowledge to the students in the form of a lecture or a presentation. Care is being taken to maintain the link between the lecture and the curricular scope.

Publication of Newsletter “Al – Absar” is a regular feature in Metropolis Education System. It is published on monthly and quarterly basis and provides a good insight to our students on different writing and publishing aspects.
Monthly issue of Al Absar is individual campus based in which parents are familiarized with the day to day running of the school and are informed on important issues and policies. Monthly issue is purely English based. The quarterly issue of Al Absar is more comprehensive. It is a collective work of the students of all schools and colleges. Ample space is provided for the students to show their writing skills in poetry, fiction, science, art, culture, religion, language and the like. Writings in both English and Urdu are accepted in the quarterly issue of Al Absar.
Physical Education
Physical Education is an integral part of Metropolis Education System Curriculum (MESC). Annual Athletic Competition is arranged once in an academic year on inter campus basis. Teams from girls and boys colleges also show their maximum participation in this competition. Students are given ample time for practice. In campuses where the school grounds do not offer enough space for practice, leading sports stadiums are hired for the students to prepare themselves for this mega event.

Different exhibitions are arranged in all the campuses throughout the session. Among these, the most important are the science and cultural exhibitions. Projects are invited from primary, secondary and college classes which are refined with teachers’ assistance.

Art and Craft
Art and craft enjoys a central position in the curriculum. This the importance attached to this subject that the Research and Development Department of Metropolis Education System has produced tailor made books for primary and secondary classes to develop the artistic abilities of the students.

Continuous Art displays, painting competitions and Art exhibitions provide an opportunity to students to work with different media and techniques and help them in getting satisfaction through their creativity and craftsmanship.

Students Clubs and Societies
Different clubs in Metropolis Education System add in richness in the life of the school. National club, Drama society, poetry club, quiz club and literary society arrange different programmers; like, national day celebration, annual function, quiz competitions, kasoti competition, panel discussions and the like. However, the range of these activities varies from campus to campus depending on the age groups and the physical conditions of the school.


Annual Functions and Results Annual-Sports Art-Competition Assembely-Presentations
Colour's-Day Dawn-Spelling-Bee-Competition Earth-Day Exhibitions
Farewell-Party Independance-Day-Celebration Iqbal-Day-Celebration Magic-Show
Milad Mother's-Day National-Song's-Competition One-Day-Government
Pakistan-Tour Puppet-Show Qirrat-Competitioin Ramazan-Presentation
Teacher's-Day Visit-to-Governor-House-Sindh Visit-to-Mazar-e-Quaid Visit-to-the-Zoo